Our Values: Individuals own their own data, and proof of identity, have a right to choose privacy, assert proof of claims and the level of sharing they wish to do, basic human rights extend to the digital realm

Our Vision is the emergence of a world where individuals are in greater control of their lives with the freedom to chose how and what to personal data to share and have a balanced relationship with each other, society as a whole, governments and organisations

Our Mission is to empower individuals to manage their lives more effectively through convenient, trustworthy access and control of the personal data and how it is used by them and others

Our strategy is to create, evolve and maintain a secure, trustworthy and convenient open personal data ecosystem that achieves the mission, realises our vision and aligns with our values

Ensuring trust; Mydex is registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC), supported by the Young Foundation which specialises in launching sustainable social enterprises. The CIC legal form allows Mydex to be sustainable and requires it be run for community benefit. Crucially, the CIC’s assets and any profits must be used for the community purposes for which Mydex is established. Its assets cannot be acquired by another party to which such restrictions do not apply.

For more information please see the About section of the Mydex CIC corporate website: http://mydex.org/about/

Mydex’s founders are:

William Heath


William is an entrepreneur active in personal data and digital rights. He is founder and chair of Ctrl-Shift Ltd; an adviser to Open Rights Group, FIPR and The Dextrous Web; and a Fellow of the Young Foundation. He moderates the “IdealGovernment” blog.

Alan Mitchell

Non Executive Director

Alan started developing the concepts of person-centric commerce and personal information empowerment with his book Right Side Up in 2001, followed by  The New Bottom Line in 2003.  He founded the Buyer Centric Commerce Forum in 2004 and is an active participant in Project VRM.

David Alexander

Chief Executive

A former group development director at Computacenter plc, he is currently non executive chairman of Eruma plc, and an active coach, lecturer and consultant through his own business Solutions – Make the Difference.  David is also the co-author of the CRM Pocketbook (2001).

Bill H Washburn

The Mydex team would like to express its sorrow at the loss in June 2014 of the late Bill Washburn and its enduring gratitude for Bill’s profound contribution to our work together. Find out more