Adding and Managing Top and Side Tabs

You can add additional tabs (to either the top or side tab list), rename them and reorder them. Whenever you wish to make changes to the tabs it is straightforward.  Simply go to “Manage” on the corresponding tab row (top or side) tabs where you want to add an additional tab.

You can choose to add additional tabs in which you can keep data about a range of key areas such as your local authority, education, telecommunications and financial services providers, as well as data about additional properties, if relevant. For example, to add local authority information do the following:

  • Click the ‘Manage’ top tab. You will see the following displayed,

  • Click the ‘+’ sign to the right of where ‘New Local Authority Section’ is listed in ‘Available Sections’
  • You will see that ‘New Local Authority Section’ is now listed under ‘My PDS Sections’ as shown below

  • To confirm this you need to click on ‘save’ at the top right of the window
  • A new tab will be created next to ’Personal’ and ‘Home’ called ‘New Local Authority Section’
  • If you wish you can fill this in with information about your local council
  • In the future you will also be able to ‘connect to your local council, enabling a secure connection between you for the purposes of sharing relevant information, establishing your identity, etc. See ‘Adding a Connection’ for more information.
  • You can also rename this section as soon as you have created it. In the above screenshot the ‘New Local Authority Section’ is shown highlighted in the left hand ‘My PDS Sections’ list and there is a tick mark to the right of it. To rename the section simply overtype with the name you wish and click the tick. Your section will then be listed with its new name.
  • To apply this and other changes click ‘Save’ in the top right of the window.  This has been done in the screenshot below and the section has been renamed as ‘Example Local Authority’.  The new tab is included across the top and the renamed section is now listed in the ‘My PDS Sections’ list

Side tabs are special in that they actually control the display of the panels of data and they can be, once created, placed under any top tab you like to suit how you want to organise your PDS.
To add an additional side tab the process is very similar:

  • Choose the relevant Top Tab and then click on the ‘Manage’ tab on the right side at the bottom of list of side tabs. For example, if you have ‘Home’ highlighted across the top then to add an additional side tab to ‘Home’ you must click on ‘Manage Home’ on the right hand side.
  • Available sections are shown in the panel listed under ‘Available Sections’
  • To add another section to Home (such as a Utilities tab) click the ‘+’ sign to the right of ‘New Utilities Section’
  • If you wish you can rename it immediately by clicking on the pencil to the right of ‘New Utilities Section’
  • Click ‘Save’ to apply the changes

Note that side tabs can only be created from the top tab view that is relevant to that side tab, e.g. a bank account tab can only be created in the ‘Finance’ top tab.  However, once they have been created you add them to any top tab menu you wish.
You can create as many additional tabs as you like and you can rename and reorder them to match the most useful way for you to display the information.  If you combine the ordering and arranging of your tabs with appropriate renaming of them as well (see Renaming Tabs) then your PDS will become an ever more effective tool for managing your life as it will be customised around you and the organisations you interact with.

Renaming Tabs

You might want to rename some or all of the tabs rather than stick with their default names. After all, most of us would not want to stick with a top tab called ‘New Local Authority Section’ or a side tab called ‘New Utility Section’ when we could name them after our Town Council or specific electricity supplier.
When you create a new tab you can overwrite its name immediately and click the adjacent tick mark to apply this name. To rename tabs that you have previously created and saved you need to ‘Manage’ one of the attributes of a section as follows:

  • Click on the relevant ‘Manage’ tab along the top or on the right column.
  • This will bring up a panel of data that includes lists of existing sections (tabs) and other sections that are available for you to add
  • The existing sections corresponding to the tabs are listed in ‘My PDS Sections’
  • In this list you will see ‘New Local Authority Section’
  • To rename this section (or the others listed here) click the small pencil to the right of the the section name
  • The section name will be highlighted and you will see a flashing cursor.  You can then edit the section name
  • Once edited click the tick mark to the right of the section name to to apply this change and then click ‘Save’ on the top right of the window.  The tab name across the top will change accordingly

Reordering Tabs

Everyone organises themselves slightly differently and we want to ensure you can use your PDS in the way that is most effective for you. Because of this, you may wish to change the order in which the tabs appear either across the top or down the side. This is especially important when you have added many additional tabs and want to sort them into the most logical order possible that best reflects your life and the data you have chosen to store.

  • For example, to change the order of top tabs click on the ‘Manage’ tab.
  • This will bring up a panel of data that includes lists of existing sections (tabs) and other sections that are available for you to add
  • The existing sections corresponding to the tabs are listed in ‘My PDS Sections’
  • To the left of each PDS Section is a graphic or icon of three horizontal lines.  This represents the ‘order’ of the tabs.
  • To move a tab you need to click and hold down the left mouse key on the ‘three line’ icon.  You will then find that you can drag the PDS Section line you have selected and move it to further up or down the list.  This will be reflected in the order of the tabs across the top but only once you have clicked on ‘Save’ to apply these changes.