Car Ownership

You can store your car details in your PDS including MOT and insurance policy details.  If you wish you can share this with, for example, a garage or insurance provider so that they give you servicing, MOT and insurance quotes when they are due.  The complete service record of the car could also be stored in your PDS, along with verification and receipts from the service department giving you proof of what was was carried out, and when, thus providing you with evidence you can use when selling the car.

Managing Utility Bills

With energy costs increasing, the need to manage energy usage and get the best possible deals is ever more important.  You can store your energy account and supplier details in your PDS and, with your permission, your supplier can send your usage data to your PDS as well.  Not only can you analyse this data to see how you could save more money, but you can share it with other suppliers to give them the opportunity to offer you a better deal based on your energy usage profile - after all, it’s your data and you should be able to make good use of it.

Completing Tax Returns

Tax returns are challenging documents to complete at the best of times.  Most of us have to work through piles of paperwork, bills, invoices, pay slips and bank statements each year just to get together all the information we need.  If much of the key data was stored in your Personal Data Store you could give permission for the tax authorities to view the relevant data themselves or you could allow a software application to extract it for you and pre-populate the relevant parts of your tax return.

Higher Education

In an ever more competitive job market, the exact nature of qualifications is becoming as important as the qualification itself.   For example, a degree in Business Studies may be relevant to some employers, but if that degree includes modules and classes pertaining to a specific discipline such as International Marketing then that may enhance your job prospects.  You can store, in your Personal Data Store, not just your final qualifications, but also the elements that make up those qualifications and, with a digital verification supplied by the academic institution, you can share that digital record with other institutions, a prospective employer or a professional body.

International Travel

International travel is becoming ever more security conscious and airlines now have to gather substantial advanced passenger information that can be very time consuming for you to supply.  In addition, if you travel somewhere that requires you to apply for a visa in advance you may have to surrender your passport for some time and supply proof of address and other personal data.  All of this can be stored in your Personal Data Store and could be shared with an airline or an embassy (or an insurance company to support a travel insurance application). Ultimately, your government could supply you with a secure, recognised digital ‘token’ that is proof of your passport and that would be recognised and respected across the world, a proof that you own and hold on to and that you choose when, where and with whom to share it.

Online Shopping

Many of us do a substantial amount of online shopping with multiple retailers, all of which seem to want us to input the same details over and over again.  If you could share just the relevant data fields in your Personal Data Store with an online retailer with a single click then that would be more convenient.  If that retailer were to send you your transaction history and receipts they too could be stored in your Personal Data Store for future reference and proof of purchase.  If you then chose to share your purchase history of, say, books from various sites, other retailers could then, with your permission, make suggestions to you about new products you may be interested in - just like Amazon does now, but with information gathered from multiple retailers and not just themselves.