How to Add your Data

When you first use your PDS it will be empty unless you have already made a connection with one of your suppliers that has initiated your PDS and filled it with some information. The PDS is there for you to fill up with whatever information you want to put in it or collect from your suppliers and other sources. 
For every panel where you can store data you will see boxes where you can type in specific information (such as your date of birth, address, account number etc...) or in some cases you can select from specific options such as male/female.
You can of course add data in any order you wish but to help you get going we recommend you start by filling in the data fields in ‘Personal’ and ‘Home. You may wish to add additional data to help you make the most of connections to different organisations.
Important: If you attempt to leave a section of your PDS without saving, the website will warn you and ask if you wish to ‘Leave page’ or ‘Stay on page’. If you click ‘Stay on page’ it will highlight for you any data that has been changed. You can then save it by clicking ‘Save’ in the top right corner and you will see a message confirming your changes have been saved. If you click ‘Leave page’ then your changes will not be saved and therefore lost.

  • To add data to any field simply click on the field and type your data in or choose from the available options and then click ‘save’ on the top right of the panel
  • Once you have clicked on ‘save’ the panel will change to display information you have entered and the ‘save’ button will be replaced by an ‘edit’ button
  • To add further data or to change what you have entered simply click on the ‘edit’ button, make your changes/additions and then click ‘save’ again