Here at Mydex we want to help you get the most out of your Personal Data Store (PDS) but we do not want to be too prescriptive or tell you exactly how to use it because everyone may wish to use it a bit differently.  Please therefore feel free to use your PDS as it suits you remembering these few important principles:

  • Your choice: Your Mydex PDS is for you, so only put as much or as little as you want into it.  You don’t have to enter anything you don’t want to or are uncomfortable with.  In the long run we believe that the more you put in the more value you will get out of it.  More data stored in here means more opportunities for you to use it in helpful ways. 
  • Your privacy: The data you store is uniquely yours and you have sole right of access (to view, change or delete), unless you choose to make certain details available to someone else or another organisation.  Mydex CIC, which operates the service, cannot see your data, nor does it wish to.  The only exceptions to this are your email address (that we can see) and your password (that we cannot see but we can reset it for you if you wish).  The rest of your data is encrypted (stored in coded form) and only you have the key (your Private Key) to unencrypt (decode) it. 
  • Your size requirements: There is no practical limit to the size of your PDS.  You can create and store as many new section and subsection tabs as you like.  Tabs are  like file dividers; they help you navigate through your data and find what you need quickly and easily.
  • Your security: Keeping your personal data secure is at the heart of our service.  Mydex Personal Data Stores are designed at all times to meet or exceed the best contemporary security standards available, such as for online banking, and these are under constant review.  With our hyper-secure approach even we in Mydex cannot see what is in your PDS.  Of course, just as for online banking, you should make sure you do not give your logon details (see How to Register) to other people or write them down and leave them lying around.  If you think your logon details may have been compromised then let us know immediatley and we will reset your password.  Note: We cannot reset your Private Key so if you lose or forget this you will not be able to get back in to your PDS.
  • Your needs: You can use your PDS in lots of ways and we have designed it to be really flexible because we are all different.  That means you can design it around your needs and make your data come to life to support your unique attributes.  The good news is that, despite this flexibility, it really is very easy to use and getting started is very simple.  Just follow these initial steps and then the rest is up to you.