Mydex's core social purpose is to empower individuals.

We believe in the digital self, equipped with digital human rights.

We equip you to exist in the online world with a trusted identity. We provide you with the tools and services to operate with the rest of society on your terms.

We provide you with a hyper-secure storage area and service so you can manage your personal data your way, from any aspect of your life. They key elements of this service are:

  • No one but you can control access to your data Whether it is text, numbers, images, video, certificates or sound.
  • All the records of your life are kept safe Driving licence, council tax, supplier details, mobile phone calling history, bank statements, letters you wrote or received.
  • Your personal data store is integrated and only accessible by you You can free yourself from the different storage systems you use; no more physical filing cabinets and different memory aids.
  • You can assert proof of claims relating to a wide range of life matters Including your identity, where you live, whether you have a driving licence, are insured, or what your educational track record looks like.
  • You can analyse and manipulate your data electronically to get answers and insights
    • Using a web-based or smart phone application supplied by Mydex to carry out basic functions within your own personal data store environment
    • Installing applications or services from third parties that add value or perform some kind of service for you. They do this by accessing specific data held in your personal data store on a secure, permissioned basis.
  • You can express your intentions and preferences across an unlimited number of fields of interest Including how you like to be communicated with, what you are planning to do, what you may be looking to buy, or where you may want to go on holiday.
  • You control how others can use your data for how long and how often Mydex makes it possible for you to share your personal data with organisations and other individuals in a hyper-secure way.

Instead of giving up your data to comparison websites, you allow them make use of it to deliver the service or answer you want.

It’s your personal private space, online, available from anywhere, anytime - The most private and secure place in the world for your life history to reside, and always under your control.

In the future this may be stored anywhere you choose, it can exist in multiple places, be switched off from the internet at any time and will always be portable and available to you.

Your data, your way.