The Mydex Members’ PDS Guide

The Mydex Members’ PDS Guide


How To Register and Create a Mydex ID and Personal Data Store

Things to think about

To create and use a Mydex Personal Data Store (PDS) you need to become a member.  This is a straightforward process that should only take a few minutes of your time.   You will need to have access to your email account and you will have to decide on three specific things:

  1. A unique name for your Mydex ID (first used when creating your new account).  You can use your own name, a nickname or any other name you will be able to remember.  This will be with you forever so please think about it carefully
  2. A password of your choosing which must be at least 8 characters long. You will be asked to enter twice as part of creating your account. Your password controls access to your account with us but does not unlock the information in your PDS. If you lose your password, we can reset it for you - unlike your Private Key (see below). We recommend you use a mixture of upper and lowercase characters, alpha, numeric and other characters to create your password.
  3. A special ‘Private Key’ (first used when creating your new account). This is really important as your Private Key is what is used to encrypt your PDS and it is something ONLY you will know. We hold no record of it at all.  If you lose or forget it you will no longer be able to unlock and gain access to your PDS.

Please note: You can use a combination of letters, numbers and certain other characters for all three of these identifiers and they are case sensitive so ‘aRK7435’ will be treated differently to ‘Ark7435’. Therefore we recommend you ensure your ‘CAPS LOCK’ is not on when setting up the account. Other than letters and numbers, you can also use spaces, periods (full stops), hyphens, apostrophes, and underscores.  We strongly recommend you make your password completely different to your Private Key.  There is no way for us to check what Private Key you use - the whole system is designed so we never see it - but making it the same as your password will make your PDS much less secure.

These three separate items are what helps keep your PDS very secure.  We suggest you think about what these three items will be before you start the online process below.

Steps for creating your Mydex ID and secure PDS

Using any web browser go to the URL (note: you do not need to put ‘www’ before this) and then clock on 'Register as a member'.

You will now see the 'Create Account: Step 1 of 2' screen requiring you to enter three separate items of data. For each item additional guidance is given as a 'pop-up' if you roll your mouse pointer over the  to the right of each data field.


  1. Type in a name you would like to use as your Mydex ID.  If it has already been used you will be informed and will have to choose an alternative
  2. Type in your email address - this must be the first time you have used the email address to create a Mydex account as, for security purposes, any single email address can only be associated within one Mydex ID. If you find your preferred email address is already in use (because you previously used it to set up a new Mydex ID) you can request a password reset from us.
  3. Type in your choice of Password. Please remember that it is case sensitive. It can be anything you like, such as a favourite film or musician or anything else that is memorable for you. We strongly suggest, however, that you do not use something that is overtly linked to you such as your date of birth or phone number. The indicator bar below the 'Password' field will show you how strong or secure we believe your password is, and will indicate greater security when you use a longer password with a larger selection of letters and numbers
  4. Type in your Password again to confirm it
  5. Click on ‘Terms & Conditions of Use’ if you wish. If you are happy with these, tick the box to the left to accept them and then click the ‘Continue’ button
  6. Having clicked the ‘Continue’ button you will be taken to the ‘Create account: Step 2 of 2’ screen. Here you should enter your chosen Private Key. Remember, something ONLY you will know. We hold no record of it at all and cannot reset it for you or remind you of it
  7. Finally, click on ‘Create Account’ to complete the account creation process.
  8. You will be returned to the Mydex PDS home page where you will see a new message at the top of the screen saying, “A welcome message with further instructions has been sent to your e-mail address.”
  9. You will receive an email (sent to the address you specified in step 2 above) that says:
    “Thank you for registering at Mydex. You may now log in and verify your account by clicking this link or copying and pasting it to your browser:”
    ○ Note: If the email is not in your inbox please check your SPAM filter as they can sometimes get caught there! Please note that the URL is valid for 24 hours from when it was issued. This is another security feature we have adopted to protect you 
    ○ If you do not use it within this time window you will need to request a new URL by requesting a password reset.  You do this by clicking on ‘Request new password’ (see Request New Password)
  10. If you click on the link included in the email, or copy and paste it into a browser of your choice, your account will be activated and you will then see the following screen:

To complete the sign-up process and access your new account for the first time simply enter the Private Key you previously set in step 6 above and click on ‘Submit’.  You will be taken to your PDS and you will also receive another email confirming your account has been activated.
Well done. You have now completed the creation and validation of your new Mydex account and created your hyper secure personal data store. You can start to populate it with useful information.
Please note for your protection: If you do not use your PDS for a few minutes your session will be timed out and you will have to log in again.