Welcome to Mydex Reports

Select any of the options below to launch Mydex Insights in a new browser window. Each option is designed to give you the ability to visualise, navigate and analyse your data in new and unique ways.


  • Note Cards preview
    Bookmarks - Note Cards

    All bookmarks saved within your PDS can be viewed as note cards under each tag category. As you click through these note cards it will show what bookmarks under each tag, where else they are tagged. When you drill down to the specific bookmark it exposes the details of the bookmark and any notes you have made against the bookmark. You can click on the link at anytime to take you to the bookmark directly within the browser.

Browser History

  • History Enclosure Diagram preview
    Browser History - Enclosure Diagram

    The enclosure diagram groups all browsing history under each domain, showing it within a circle with the pages browsed within that domain included as further circles within it. If you click on the circle it will drill down into that domain area and you can keep drilling down to get a clearer view of what you browse. The bigger the circle the more time you spend on this domain.

  • Browser History Timeline preview
    Browser History - Timeline

    This visualisation takes your browsing history and ranks it by the top browsing domains and maps them over time. At each intersection between time and domain the bubble size shows the volume of activity at this point in time. If you click on this bubble it will drill down to the specific browsing history on that day and will allow you to see which pages were visited.


  • Call Data Heat Map preview
    Call data - Heatmap

    The call data heatmap presents your calls visually using a colour to show the volume and costs of calls over a year, month and day of the week. The deeper the colour, the more call activity. When you click on the coloured cell it will either show you the number called and either the time on the call or the the cost of the calls.

  • Call Data Dashboard preview
    Communications - Dashboard

    The communications dashboard brings together the information about your use of landline, mobile and SMS activity both in terms of time and cost and provides a set of interactive charts that dynamically allow you to filter and review your activity in detail.