Mydex’s job is to help you manage your personal data better. Here are some of the key things about our service that you need to understand.

  • We are set up to work for and on behalf of the individual. That’s not just a marketing promise. It’s embedded in our legal structure.
  • It’s up to you what data you wish to put in your data store.
  • Your data is safe. It is encrypted to the highest degree available at every step of using the service
  • Only you control who can deliver or access data from your PDS
  • Only you control what they can use your data for
  • It’s up to you to choose what data you want to share with other people or organisations. This is an active choice. No data will be shared with anybody else unless you decide to share it.
  • Some people/organisations may ask you to provide them with access to more data than is needed to provide the service they are offering. To help you in these situations we have prepared some standard ‘data sharing agreements’ which help you stay in control. Any person or organisation failing to keep to these agreements will be excluded from the system.
  • This service is free to individuals. We make our money from organisations when and if you decide to connect with them and share information with them. If we make any profits, our legal structure requires us to reinvest most of these profits in our social purpose of ‘helping individuals realise the value of their data’.

For more information, please read Mydex Terms for Members and our standard Data Sharing Agreement